Peter Markgraf Pro Deck „Moby Dick“

Our team rider worked together with Root Longboards on his pro model. Check out what his thoughts were about:

“My mission was to create a board that inherits both, the street skating and the longboarding style. Building a bridge in-between some of the most demanding expressions of skateboarding when it comes to wear and tear of your beloved gear. I just had to connect my left and right side of the brain in one deck. This board pushes happily around town all day but don’t be misled by it’s friendly nature and easy to handle appearance: throw your hardest freestyle moves at it and it will swallow all the abuse with ease and laughter. Living up to it’s promise with a massive pop and an unmatched light, yet super robust, construction. The timeless graphic supplied by Boggie Gramb are the icing on the cake of a ruthless, tough and incredibly fun board. Say hello to my brainchild: the Moby Dick”

Root Longboards || Welcome to the Team - Peter Markgraf from Root Longboards on Vimeo.